About Me

Hello! My name is Jenni and I’m the personal trainer behind Fitzala.

I started this site for several reasons, first and foremost, I love helping people, particularly related to fitness because there are so many lies propagated by companies making money off of people’s desire to be thin. I hate that people are taken advantage of, that they are being sold false truths, extreme diets, special programs, juice cleanses and the like. Losing weight is hard enough by itself, coupled with the irresistible products guaranteed to make you thin, it becomes an unrealistic and impossible process.

About Fitzala certified personal trainer

Fitness is not a single event or diet that gets you to your goal weight, never having to be dealt with again. It’s a lifelong process that takes patience, dedication, and realistic expectations.

I haven’t always been fit and my love for all things health was a long gradual process. College was the first time I ever set foot in a gym for anything beyond sports. After college, I experimented with my own gym membership trying things I found online, then I trained with a personal trainer for a bit and then fell in love with long distance running. It wasn’t until I started using a systematic approach, a plan that progressed my strength training as well as a half marathon training plan that I saw how fast my body can change and adapt. I saw a ton of physical progress in a short amount of time, which was extremely motivating to keep going.

I married my husband Geoff in October of 2012 and we’ve been attacking hiking trails, ski mountains, mountain bike trails and any other sports ever since. He and my mom were the ones encouraging me to drop my job at a consulting firm and start my own personal training business.

In 2013 I received my National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training certification and pursued my love of fitness as a career. I teach bootcamps, make my husband lift weights with me and work as a personal trainer on this website.

I truly believe that anyone can get fit without spending copious amounts of time, money and resources. It takes time, but making small changes and systematically progressing your eating habits and workouts set you up for success in the long term. There aren’t any quick and dirty solutions that last, its just good ‘ol fashioned hard work and determination.


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