Hello everyone!

I wanted to call attention to a few of my recent posts that I’m super excited about. I really try my best to present accurate information that’s helpful and applicable to our lives. If you ever have any topics you’d like to read about, please feel free to hit me up anytime!

Healthy Fast Food: The Complete Guide

In this article, I go in to detail about the convenience of fast food and what to order if you have no other options. Yes, I scoured the websites of all these fast food restaurants looking for nutrition information and wrote down the best stuff in one place.

Health Tips for Women: Advice from 18 Bloggers

I rounded up some of the webs best healthy living bloggers and asked them for their favorite health tip. Check it out to see what they said and find out a few new tips for you!

Why You Don’t Want to Look Like a Model

The topic of body image won’t go away as long as we women continue to feel bad about ourselves. In this article I talk about why companies choose beautiful people for their ad campaigns, what some of these models and celebrities do to maintain their physique and why you should love yourself the way you are.

How to Get That Six Pack (Plus a Workout)

Who isn’t searching for that elusive six pack? I know it’s down there somewhere… In this post I give you the process, yes the entire process for getting a six pack. It’s not rocket science, but it is consistency and proper training.


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