I realize that it’s the name of a song, but how do you follow up the campaign with a blog post about daily life? Umm….there’s no way.

After getting on the Huffington Post, I’ve been contemplating what to do next. Another campaign? That was pretty fun and well received, though I think I’d want to orchestrate a large collaboration next time. Perhaps get some prizes to give away?

Life since the campaign has been a little slow. I tried to buy this couch. It was on clearance and Presidents Day sale for $800! Then I received a call that my order was canceled. Huge bummer because it was a great deal for a semi-aniline top grain leather couch! I don’t have Pottery Barn or West Elm funds but I want something classic that I’ll have forever.


Anyone have ideas where I can get a high quality leather sofa that isn’t a bajillion dollars? And yes, I’m totally crowdsourcing options.

Craigslist has yet to deliver a great deal and I’ve been watching it for over 6 months. I love House*Tweaking’s style and am going for something similar to her living room below.


Although I don’t think I’ll do the shag rug. Not thinking little kid spills and dirty dog paws would be so good for it.

In other fun news, Geoff and I finally went out to dinner for Valentine’s Day. We’re not much of a crowd type, so we had our own little dinner at home and went out on Tuesday to Foremost Wine Company in SLO. It’s a hipster/trendy place, and the menu didn’t have much on it that Geoff was a fan of (he’s a meat+potatoes+burgers+pizza kinda guy) but we did get some delicious meatballs and lamb biryani that was good. Also wine. Wine is good (If you happen to be in SLO, check out these local SLO wineries).



And the next night, Wednesday, we went with some friends to Baileyana’s release party. It made me want to join a wine club! There were 6 different wines to taste and food. It was like a big party!

Now I need an alcohol break BUT we’re headed to Firestone Brewery tonight to pick up some Unfiltered DBA for Geoff’s brother and get dinner with friends. He picked up a miter saw and table saw from the plentiful San Diego Craigslist for us and this is our thank you gift. Maybe just a few sips of Geoff’s…



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