Ever since I’ve gotten my first dog, I’ve wanted to get her a dog hiking pack.

Dixie is energetic and loves to sniff out anything she can. This means she gets hot and thirsty pretty fast. Usually I carry water for her, until that is, Kurgo reached out to me.

Yes I’d love to try your dog hiking pack!

I immediately thought of all the fun things I could put in there.


Specifically bricks. Loads and loads of bricks. She’d get tired if she was loaded down with bricks right?

The only time I’ve seen Dixie tired while we’re out and about was at the tail-end of a 7 mile hike with 1400 feet elevation gain. She was still leading the pack, but her pace and sniffing habits had slackened quite a bit compared to when we started. I wish had tried dog hiking packs then – she drank soo much water!

When the pack arrived, it was all neatly packaged together, pointing out the awesome beer bottle opener. Which gave me an awesome idea – we could hike to the top of Madonna, crack open a cold one and Dixie could carry it for us!

Anyways, the material seems to be really high quality and sturdy. We were really excited to try it out.

So, we loaded her up with two water bottles and headed out for a test hike at Johnson Ranch, a 3 miler close to our home in San Luis Obispo.


The initial settings fit Dixie pretty well. It’s a medium and she’s around 60 pounds or less. I did some adjusting, but not much since she isn’t good at sitting still.

She didn’t like it at first, but then again, she’s not used to having things on her. I tried to put deer antlers on her for Halloween and that didn’t last more than a few seconds.

After a while, she seemed to forget it was even on her. We put a water bottle on both sides, since you’re supposed to load it equally so that it doesn’t get all lopsided.


Dixie the wild hunter stalks her prey…

It was wonderful because even with just the two water bottles, she seemed to tire out a bit faster. Imagine what some bricks could do….

Seriously though, it was nice to have Dixie carry her own water. I can’t wait to use it for our longer hikes.

The only thing I wish was a tiny bit different, is that there was a ring at her chest where I could hook up her leash. She tends to pull and using a harness really helps. We try not to use the pincher unless necessary and it looks like until we dedicate more time to leash training, we’ll have to.

As you can see, everything else is more interesting than me.



Kurgo has some awesome things that I’d love to try. Dog owners, take a look! You might like them too.

The representative also noted that they’ve released a free holiday cookbook for dogs. You’ll love it if you make your own dog treats. I’m much too lazy for that, but I’ve already downloaded it in case I get a wild hair ;).


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