Also known as back extensions, the Superman is the perfect home exercise for your back and butt. It requires no equipment at all and is a great way to build lower back strength.

We need back strength for a balanced body.

We sit all day in so many jobs and end up hunched over with rounded shoulders and back pain. This exercise is one piece of the puzzle that can reverse the pain and achy-ness that comes with poor back strength.

Our back and core hold us upright and stabilizes us during any activity, which is why it’s important to condition those muscles. Having a stronger back can prevent back pain, increase our performance in any type of activity, and prevent injury.


How to:

  • Focus on pushing your hips in to the ground and contract your lower back and glutes to raise up.
  • Hold for a second at the top before releasing back down.
  • Don’t to pull your back and legs up at the same time.

If you have back issues, this might be a good exercise to do more often (talk to your doctor of course!). I make sure that my workouts are well rounded, so you’ll see Supermans from time to time.


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