As you may have noticed, I love the kettlebell swing. This is for a variety of very good reasons.

Reasons why Jenni thinks the KB Swing rocks

  1. It’s a kickass way to build strength and get your heart rate up
  2. It builds hip dominant strength which most women (and some men) lack
  3. It builds muscular endurance
  4. It builds cardiovascular endurance
  5. It helps improve posture
  6. It prevents or improves back pain
  7. It works every major muscle in your body
  8. It can be done with almost any piece of equipment

There’s more reasons why I love the KB swing, but we’ll stick to those for now.


How to

  • Stand with your feet shoulder width apart
  • Grip your weight in one hand or if you can, with both hands
  • Start by pushing your hips back, letting the weight swing backwards between your legs
  • Extend your knees and thrust your hips forward forcefully, swinging the weight up to eye level
  • Absorb the weight as it comes back down and repeat


  • This isn’t a squat as much as it is a hip movement
  • Concentrate on contracting your glutes when pushing your hips forward
  • Keep your arms straight at all times
  • Beginners should start with a lighter weight around 12 pounds. You’ll want to scale up as you get stronger.
  • Kettlebells are fairly cheap and can be purchased on Amazon.

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