This one seems easy. Most of us do it every day. We walk up the stairs, we step up in to the bus, or we climb up the step ladder to reach that high cupboard.

However when we incorporate it in to a workout, it takes a little different form. Instead of using both legs to propel you up, you will only use your bent leg to bring yourself up. This works your glutes and quads big time.

The awesome part is that you don’t need any equipment than you already have. A bench, chair, or second step is enough to make it work. It can be made harder by holding on to some dumbbells or placing a barbell across your shoulders.


How to:

  • Stand in front of your bench or chair with one foot up, fully on the platform
  • Using your elevated leg, use your glutes and drive through your heel to bring you up
  • Lower and repeat, then switch legs


  • Be sure that your whole foot is on the step, you need your heel to drive up
  • Stand with your knee at a 90 degree angle
  • Don’t use your lower leg to push off, this defeats the glute activation

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