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How is your Tuesday going? Ours started with a workout, as do most other weekdays. I love that Geoff is now having fun with me at the gym- today we were doing our best Schwarzenegger voices. “Lift more” or “ohhh, you so strong” It probably wasn’t safe while we were doing bench press, but you’re supposed to enjoy being active right?


We had this view again while doing abs. Best room in the house.

This weekend we met up with some friends for a lovely drive back into See Canyon. There are a lot of beautiful orchards back there and we stopped to taste some apples, and of course, left with a full bag. It was fun to taste both sweet and tart varieties in one sitting. We ended up with one tart variety and one sweet to take home with us. Have you heard of the Heaven Sent variety of apples? Neither had we, which necessitated their purchase.

There was another barn that had their winter squash set out and a petting zoo. I think I need to go back for that pile of kabocha.


Sunday, Geoff and I went for a hike on Madonna after church. It had some good uphill portions, but was pretty manageable. Only an hour and a half for 3.79 miles and almost 1,300 elevation. I’ve wanted to start adding some cardio back in to my routine again, but hadn’t managed to work anything out yet. It was nice to get my heart rate up and spend time with Geoff.


I was pretty excited because I realized that I matched! This doesn’t usually happen and called for a special picture. I’m pointing at my shoes because they are blue. So are my shorts any my sports bra. I think almost everything I own is blue.

We had a great view from the top! You can see a few more mountains in the distance, they call the range “The Seven Sisters.”

What did you do to stay active this weekend?


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