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Notice anything new? I finally got Pinterest enabled on my site! I never expected blogging to take up as much time as it does. I blog for my husband and I too on a different site, but usually that’s discussing our adventures on our long term road trip, not healthy living and my journey to get NASM certified.

Geoff and I got in our last gym workout for the week today. Shoulders and abs. Isn’t this the best place to get in an ab workout? Maybe not because I’m more tempted to look out the windows instead of concentrating on the burn. But I love the huge windows and the light they let in. You’re probably tired of me raving about this gym. But really, I haven’t been anywhere this nice since the University of Washington Rec Center.

Last night we visited the SLO farmers market. It was so neat! The usual farmer’s markets that I have visited before are filled with booths selling fruit and vegetables, special cheese, jellies, apple cider, meats, or crafts. Downtown SLO closes Higuera Street and there are the vendors I mentioned before as well as live music each block, tons of food vendors selling delicious barbeque or burritos or even asian food. There was a huge bouncy slide for kids and a ball house and store owners selling cotton candy, popcorn, and baked treats. Ahh, so fun. I think I’d go each week if we lived here.

Our friends Garrett and Christine were manning a booth for her work, which is an extension of the county public health department. We also ran in Geoff’s college friend Matt, who started his own BBQ restaurant over a year ago in Downtown SLO. It’s delicious and has amazing ratings on Yelp. If you are ever in SLO, this is the place to go. Better than Firestone and Moe’s, the famous two.

For the weekend, we don’t have too much planned. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday today, so we are meeting them for dinner tonight. Saturday morning we are headed to a surf competition in Pismo Beach. Apparently they are towing people in on jet skis for big air! Ahh, so excited.

Lastly, I’m hoping to win Fitnessista’s giveaway for a mini tablet. I love her blog and get an entry to the sweepstakes if I mention it in a blog post. She discusses conquering lateness and what has worked for her post child. I feel like Geoff and I are still in the “selfish stage” of marriage, where we don’t have any responsibilities and only have to get ourselves out the door. There are no pets or children (yet!) and I don’t have to be that disciplined about preparation for any sort of outing. Geoff does hate being late though, and I do too, so once kiddos come along we’ll have to get some sort of system up and rolling. City Simplicity is the sponsoring company for the giveaway. Go and enter!


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