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I hope you all are well on your way to an amazing weekend. Instead of celebrating the upcoming days off, I’ve spent most of the day packing and preparing for our next move. We leave SLO early Saturday morning at 4AM for Bend, Oregon. It’s crazy to think how fast this month has gone by- we’ve been busy almost every night that we’ve been here and really enjoyed spending time with Geoff’s friends, his brother, and the easily accessible mountain biking and hiking trails. Even if we don’t choose SLO as our ending home base, I’m sure we’ll be back often to visit.

I also wanted to share my preparations for the upcoming 10+ hours in the car. The key is to make sure there isn’t food you REALLY want in the car. And by that, I mean nothing that is easy to munch on without much commitment. I love Quest bars, but they’re commitment. Almost 200 calories and the ability to keep you full for hours doesn’t qualify for mindless munching. Now, open packages of gummy bears or chocolate chips? If it’s open, it’s easy to have a handful, and then another 5 minutes later, and then another.

In the snack box there are apples, Krave jerky, Quest Bars, Pop Chips, low carb tortillas and protein powder. We plan to stop for lunch and be there by dinner, so I’m not anticipating we’ll need much. Since we won’t be in Bend for more than a week, some of these supplies will also be for the time we’re there.

Making sure you have a lot of water and healthy snacks is important to keeping your diet on track. I plan to study my flashcards and notes for my upcoming NASM CPT test, but I’m sure I’ll get bored and want to snack.

Since I don’t have much else going on besides studying, I thought I’d share some fun things on the internet that I’ve recently found.

Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream. Now I don’t have to choose between two nighttime favorites…

Pumpkin Carrot Harvest Cake. The recipe is really healthy for a cake. The only thing I’d swap out is the honey for sugar-free maple syrup.

This amazing Halloween Party from KB Custom Designs. This girl is adorable and pumpkin bowling looks so fun!

Spicy Steamed Bok Choy from Anja’s Food 4 Thought. I’m not sure if I could get my husband to eat this, perhaps if I didn’t tell him it was bok choy?

Lara from How Does She. I’d love to wrap gifts like this. I don’t even need a wrapping station, just a craft table would do… One day, when we finally own a house.

Cool diagrams from IronDog. I couldn’t find their website, so this link is to their Pinterest page. It’s a great illustration of muscles that you work for different exercises. If you aren’t familiar with where muscles are and what exercises work what, I really encourage you to check it out.

The rest of the night will be spent cleaning up our mess and getting dinner with friends Garrett and Christine at our favorite BBQ joint. It feels like we’ve eaten out so much lately, but really it was only last Saturday for our anniversary, last night, and now tonight. I’m sure there will be a lot to come while we’re in Bend!


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