Hi Everyone!

It has been so beautiful here, I hope that nice weather is headed your way. It was nice enough for a comfortable evening walk, so that’s what Geoff and I did. Other than that, there’s not a ton of new stuff going on over here. Looking forward to the 3 day weekend coming up, we have some friends visiting!

I AM really excited because I’ve gotten great feedback on my recent post: Healthy Tips from 18 Bloggers. Check it out!

On to eats:



Leftover pulled pork plus leftover broccoli salad. And an #eggfail



Prepped ground beef that I threw in a skillet with mixed greens, soy sauce and topped with sriracha. I also had a microwaved plantain and a spoonful of almond butter


It was a greek-style turkey burger and salad. Sorry, I forgot…



My favorite time of the day! Casein and cocoa powder mixed with almond milk. I topped it with cool whip, almond butter and a sliced banana.


I’m still in my same routine of 3 total body workouts plus 2 HIIT cardio sessions. It’s really working well for me at the moment so I don’t intend to change it for a while.

Scenes from the week


I feel awkward taking selfies, thus the sunglasses.


My brother and every type of cookie we have in the cupboards. #whoabuddy


No bananas for you!


2 cups of almonds made this sad, small bit of almond butter.

Head on over to Peas and Crayons to see more WIAW.


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