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Let’s start out our “it’s almost the weekend day” with some fun shall we?

When you finish leg day.

When you tell your friends it was leg day.

When you run out of peanut butter on leg day.

You’d think that I just discovered gifs. That’s not the case, it just takes longer for me to let go of awesomeness. Bonus points if anyone knows what show the last gif is from.

Yesterday after work, Geoff and I headed out for some mountain biking action. His brother dropped us off and we pedaled up a mile uphill before a 7 mile ride down a rocky slope. It was a beautiful ride.


Mountain biking is a relatively new thing for me. I’ve gone a bit with Geoff in Seattle before we started out on our long road trip. And then again in Fort Collins when we were there for the month. This is the first time in probably 2 months that I’ve been out and while it was good in the beginning, it didn’t end as well.

The climb was good, definitely a great cardio workout. And the rocky downhill was fine. A bit unnerving and scary with all of the rocks but I did fine. What I don’t do well with are turns and obstacles. Tight turns with sand or loose dirt and obstacles where a turn is involved. And once I end up walking for a few things, my confidence takes a nosedive and all of a sudden I don’t think I can do anything. Does this happen to anyone else?

We made it out alive though. And ended the night with froyo.

All the pedaling and standing up for the downhill made my legs tired. So leg day today was even more tough than usual. Just in time to be sore for the weekend. We’re meeting up with some of Geoff’s roommates from college, hope it doesn’t get too crazy!




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