I never thought Plexus would work

I was the one who thought “really, another Plexus post?” whenever I saw my friend talking about it on Facebook. I never thought it could work, much less that I’d be taking it.

My background

I’ve been a certified personal trainer for a while. My clients were mostly friends, family, and friends of friends. And my advice was always the following: eat well, train well, drink water, and get some sleep. The results would come.

For the majority of people that works. Usually following a really good week of staying on track, my clients would start to see results and be encouraged to keep going. But not everyone is great at that. Changing your lifestyle is hard, and doing it all at once is a recipe for disaster.

Being that I was certified to help people get fit, I fielded lots of questions about different supplements.

Will this protein powder help me lose weight?

What do you think about this workout program?

Can you take a look at these weight loss pills? Will they help me lose weight faster?

My answer was usually, no. That won’t work.

I was always anti- fancy diets, super hardcore workout programs, and every other company out there to take advantage of America’s desire to get skinny quick.

The turning point

I had a baby in November of 2015. My pregnancy was pretty easy and I was always hiking, running, and working out until the last few weeks. I had the mindset (and some research to support) that if I was in good shape, labor and recovery would be easier.

Start of the 3rd trimester

My labor and delivery was quick by most standards. And I recovered well too. But around the 4 month postpartum mark, I was tired. REALLY tired. Can’t get off the couch after 5pm tired.

So I continued to exercise regularly. I ate healthier and more balanced meals, (breastfeeding hunger is very REAL), making sure to only have healthy options in the house.

But it wasn’t working, I was still so tired every night. Nothing got done after 5pm. Dinner? Haha husband, chicken strips. AGAIN. Laundry? Even funnier. I got to the point where I tried to get everything done during the early hours of the day because there was no way I’d have the energy to tackle it later on.

And when that didn’t work, I tried not to do anything at all so I’d have energy to connect with my husband after my baby boy went to bed. Still, no dice.

I knew being a mom would be hard. I knew that being a mom would be tiring. But really, this bad? Does every mom reach for coffee at 3pm? Does every mom have a hard time serving their family if they don’t get a caffeine fix in the afternoon?


1 month postpartum

So I caved. Anything to get my previous energy and drive back. I was getting depressed being so tired all the time. Sure, Jackson was getting up once a night, but I was getting quite a bit of sleep. He was a happy baby during the day. After I got the ok from the doctor and did enough research to convince me a few times over, I bought.

Getting on the Plexus Train

After I started with the pink drink (AKA Plexus Slim), my energy came back immediately. I’m pretty sure I did laundry, vacuumed, dusted, did food prep AND cooked dinner in the same day. Whoa.

And three days later, I started on the Biocleanse. And it suddenly became very easy to go to the bathroom. I think most moms can identify, and I’ll leave it at that.

Three days after that, I started the Probio5. I started to feel pretty great.

I kept at it, taking my Plexus Slim every day first thing in the morning, 30 minutes before anything else. Before coffee and breakfast. I also took 2 Biocleanse capsules at the same time. For a while, I tried to take Biocleanse in the afternoon too, but it was too strong for me. So I dialed back to just my Biocleanse in the morning and my 2 Probio5’s right before bedtime.


I just kept feeling better and better. And when the 4 month mark rolled around, I couldn’t believe how great I felt. Seriously, so much energy to tackle the day. I was much happier instead of being tired and grumpy. It helped me be an awesome mom, playing with my boy, keeping our home, being there emotionally for my husband instead of checking out each night. How could I not share with everyone? Seriously. I love my friends and family, it would be so hard to keep this to myself. This did so much for me, it changed everything, there was no way I couldn’t tell people about it.

I had already purchased the ambassador package since I was confident it would work. All I had to do was spread the word. And here I am, telling you now, I freaking love this stuff.

Here’s a list of other things it’s helped me with. Feel free to ask questions if you have any.

  • more restful sleep
  • faster and healthier growing hair and nails
  • great mental focus
  • steady energy
  • no energy or blood sugar lows
  • real hunger at appropriate times
  • no need for snacking at night
  • physically able to workout harder longer
  • lost baby weight fast
  • easier to maintain weight without much thought


The downsides

As much as I sing the praises of Plexus, I want to be fully honest. There’s a few downsides. Let’s chat about them.

The packaging, website, and ambassador backend is horrible. Seriously guys. This stuff changes peoples lives, why is it marketed like just another weight loss product? Hire a hipster designer and make this thing look legit. Like the awesome life changing product this is.

Physically, if I push myself too hard, don’t eat enough, and don’t drink enough water, I get dizzy. Not like room spinning dizzy, but spacey. It hasn’t happened often, especially since I’m careful now and breastfeeding less, but it CAN happen. So take care of yourself. Balancing your blood sugar is awesome, but if you don’t take care of yourself, it allows you to do too much.

It’s kinda expensive. I’ve shared it with my friends and family. A few have decided to try it (and they all LOVE it btw) so my products are free now, but still. It’s not the cheapest thing. But it’s worth it. If I had to buy this in a store, instead of this MLM thing, I totally would. I see a lot of other Plexus ambassadors sing the praises of the company choosing the MLM route, but I think it evokes a distrust in new consumers. Why buy from someone who is monetarily motivated to get you to buy? But at the same time, a store is the same way, why not support a friend? Something to think about.


Sure, people get paid to sell Plexus. That automatically creates a distrust if they get a kickback. But I’m telling you, I’d still recommend this stuff if it was in a retail store. So if you have questions, drop me a line. I’d be happy to honestly answer anything you wanna know.


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