Who doesn’t love to be comfortable while they’re out and about? Let’s all admit it, wearing flats and sandals isn’t always the best while you’re power shopping, catching a flight, or taking your dog for a walk.

I love to wear jeans and a t-shirt almost everyday. It’s low maintenance, but it isn’t yoga pants. I’m ready to answer the door, meet someone for coffee, or run out and do an errand, but I’m comfortable enough to sit at my desk typing my life away. And I always wear athletic shoes, because for me, comfort > style.


However, I’m too cheap to front the money for fashionable athletic shoes. I end up wearing my running or lifting shoes (everyone tells you that’s a no-no by the way) and wear them out much faster than I really should. So for one of my first campaigns with Fitfluential, I was really excited to be sent a pair of shoes. Asics Get-fit Sana shoes, no less.

They’re small and trendy, I could totally wear them with capris or shorts without looking like a tourist if I wanted to. It’s been too cold here in California to wear them like that, but I already know that I will.

The actual shoe really doesn’t need any socks. It’s stretchy and doesn’t have the partly detached tongue that most running shoes have. Think water shoes, where you slip your foot in and they stretch over it. The shoes have laces, but they’re more for looks than anything else!


I like that these shoes are really lightweight and flexible, but fit like a glove. The sole has a barefoot feel and moves very easy, but has enough support for me. The toe is a bit more flexible from the rest of the shoe and gives a barefoot sensation.

I’m really glad that these Gel-fit Sana shoes were provided to me, but I’d totally consider buying them on my own!


This post is sponsored by FitFluential on behalf of ASICS.


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