I admit, I was super skeptical when it came to this Plexus thing. And the first thing I did was look for some Plexus Slim reviews from REAL people. Nothing fluffy, just real experiences from real people. Since they were scattered all over the internet, I’ve compiled a few Plexus testimonials from real women I know for you to look through. I figured if I was looking for some Plexus reviews, you might be too!

Before we get to the testimonials, let’s take a look at what Plexus Slim actually is.

It’s this pink drink that most people take first thing in the morning. It was originally formulated for Type 2 Diabetics and works by stabilizing your blood sugars throughout the day, which is designed to give you more energy. When you address the core issues of blood sugar, inflammation and gut health, a whole cycle of healing can begin! A lot of people report having great energy, restful sleep, and less cravings for sugar and snacks.

– Stabilizes blood sugar
– Encourages healthy cholesterol and lipid levels
– Helps control cravings
– Burns fat, not muscle
– Provides natural energy

So now that you know what Plexus Slim is, let’s get onto the Plexus testimonials and stories.

Hanna's Plexus Review


Ok y’all… Here’s the truth.
NOW…I’m no where near perfect but I DO feel like I’m pretty knowledgeable when it comes to all things health and fitness related (ok maybe not ALL things). 😉

For example:
* I’m a nurse
* I’m currently training for a marathon & Triathalon
* I’m a previous Fitness competitor
* A gymnast
* I’m a Former Razorback Cheerleader (woo pig!)
* I eat clean
* I love working out
* I seek out anything organic
* and I’m a new mama who’s trying to set a good example for my family!

So with that, I decided to do some digging and see what the heck this plexus stuff was all about and why everyone was using it!

Here’s the thing:
* I assumed Plexus was a get skinny quick program
* I assumed it was a fad or some new silly diet
* I assumed it was for “unhealthy” or “lazy” people who were just looking for a bandaid fix and who didn’t want to eat healthy or workout.
* I assumed it just wasn’t for me.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that Plexus wasn’t anything that I’d ASSUMED it was at all!!

Imagine the look on my face when I realized Plexus WAS EXACTLY

Plexus is way more than people think.
Plexus is truly helping people become the healthiest version of themselves.
And I’m so THANKFUL I decided to reach out or I may never have been able to add FORMER Plexus skeptic to my list of health and fitness accomplishments. 😉

Amber's Plexus Slim Review


It’s mid-day, and the “old” me used to feel out for the count, lethargic, and ready to nap at a moment’s notice. No matter how much coffee. No matter how much sleep.

The new me, well it still amazes me! My endurance and energy level is that of what I experienced pre-kids (you mamas know what I’m talking about), I feel more balanced, without the peaks and lows that would lead to unhealthy snack choices!

I attribute the change to the incorporation of healthier choices, ultimately fueled by my pink drink!

Soooo….when someone tells me they’re too busy, or their life just can’t “fit” one more thing…it screams for me to continue sharing because, frankly, I remember that feeling all too well!

Alyse's Plexus Review


Here’s my brief story of how these products have helped me. My success has nothing to do with the scale- don’t let the name Plexus Slim fool ya! The changes in my health have been HUGE for me.

Before Plexus:
*my monthly cycles were insanely long for most of my life
*very uncomfortable during my cycle
*struggled with feeling down and unmotivated
*had interrupted sleep at night, trouble falling back to sleep quickly, woke up tired
*often felt bloated

During Plexus:
*normal length cycle (!!)
*little to no discomfort
*feel great & energized even during it
*balanced feeling – no ups & downs
*sleep soundly through the night (when my son does), feel refreshed in the morning
*no more yucky bloated feeling
*my digestive system is finally working like it should be
*maintaining my weight-when in the past it has fluctuated
*able to push myself with exercise, not as sore after long runs
*have sustained energy throughout the day- never knew how amazing my body could feel!

Ashley's Plexus Slim Review


I exercise routinely, am at my natural BMI and eat a balanced diet, so why in the world would I be interested in what appears to be a ‘weight loss’ supplement?

Plexus can significantly enhance your body building routine by keeping it in a balanced state. It enables natural energy so you can have a more sustained workout while taking Plexus Pink Drink.

It helps regulate your blood glucose levels so that your body sends signals to burn stored fat (not muscle!) ,and uses foods you eat for energy!

Some Plexus products work to balance your gut and strengthen your immune system.

You begin to absorb the nutrients and supplements you take to actually work- so if you need to ‘gain’ weight it helps with that too!
You have more energy, so you want to take the stairs instead of the elevator burning calories more often.

It can cut your craving for sugars and carbs to help you break your soda and snacking addiction if needed.

Plexus is helping tens of thousands of people including generally healthy people too!

Amanda's Plexus Reviews


Before plexus I:
👎🏻Felt intense cravings for sugar multiple times a day
👎🏻was exhausted in the afternoon
👎🏻needed to eat every two hours or would get shaky
👎🏻had irregular and uncomfortable monthly cycles
👎🏻Felt I needed coffee and sugar to make it through the day
👎🏻tossed and turned most nights around 2:00am
👎🏻had to wear certain shoes or my feet had A LOT of discomfort
👎🏻caught every sickness and cold going around
👎🏻was 25 pounds heavier

During plexus I :
👍🏻don’t crave sugar!
👍🏻realize I make it through everyday with sustained energy
👍🏻don’t have to eat between meals/no more shaky feeling
👍🏻make better food choices
👍🏻breeze through my monthly cycles
👍🏻can enjoy coffee and occasional treat but don’t NEED it
👍🏻wake up in the morning completely rested
👍🏻can walk barefoot or in any shoes without any discomfort
👍🏻25 pounds lighter
👍🏻able to maintain a healthy weight
👍🏻excited and energetic for each day

Anissa's Plexus Testimonial


I started Plexus three months ago. Some people have asked me why I take it because I don’t need to lose weight. Plexus is NOT just about weight loss. It is about health. Since being on Plexus, I have cut my caffeine intake in more than half. I used to drink three to four cups of coffee a day, and now, I barely finish one. If you know me, you know I have allergies, BAD allergies. Plexus has helped with those too. Not completely, but I’ve gone from multiple pills a day and nose spray two/three times a day to an allergy pill every other day, if that. It’s helped so much that I ran out of it and for four days I was miserable. So miserable that even my husband was telling me I need my Plexus, and trust me, he is not a believer in “things” like this!


Lori's Plexus Slim Testimonial


Cleaned out the cabinet I store my supplements, herbs and various home remedies in this weekend. The amount of stuff I discarded that I no longer use or need was remarkable. Talk about a boat load of money 😳 I used to buy and try most everything because I had some real issues. I felt tired, bloated and had lots of stomach discomfort along with digestion issues, weight management was a insurmountable struggle.

I was also starting to have the “normal” joint issues most people my age have. All this was super sad to me as I have always been really into health, nutrition and exercise. We are so blessed though. “Relax, you are a grandma, this happen, it’s okay.” That is what I told myself. While it is good to accept things you can’t change and be grateful all those things DID change for me. I no longer am looking for the solution. Along with a great diet which I already had before Plexus (with the exception of the fact I no longer crave healthy yet calorie laden treats daily) Plexus has corrected all my issues and I feel like a million bucks

Jessica's Plexus Testimonial


My testimony has to do with “bathroom talk” as we say with my 4 year old 😄 My whole life I have had digestive issues and being “backed up” in the bathroom. One time in college I was in so much pain, I went to the hospital thinking it was an appendicitis. Totally embarrassing because the doctors told me my colon was full and I just needed to go to the bathroom. I have tried everything (benefiber, Metamucil, more fibrous foods, more water, exercises, etc) and nothing has worked UNTIL Biocleanse! I couldn’t believe it. I have been regular everyday with the perfect s shaped bowel movements I remember Dr. Oz saying on TV was healthy. I am more comfortable in my clothes, less bloated, less irritable, have even lost weight, and overall happier! Thank you Plexus!




I have the most wonderful Plexus Testimony… testimonies, PLURAL about these amazing products! I have always been dedicated to natural health, so I joined the business because I IMMEDIATELY recognized the value of these simple, effective products and what they could do for people. What I did not expect was what they did for ME! I was more tired and sluggish than I realized- my body was run down and I was beginning to feel, well, Old! Now, at 45, I feel better than I did in my 20s! I have been using the Triplex Combo for 2 years, and I can think clearly, exercise hard, I look 20 years younger, kids wear out faster than I do, and I sleep great.

I also had some (yucky, sorry) toenail fungus that is completely GONE, and my hair is growing back in thick and gorgeous after mostly falling out after a couple years of serious stress!

This is seriously the BEST body support, probiotic, multivitamin and fountain of youth I have ever seen. And the company offers a 60 day money back guarantee! There is NO RISK to see if you will feel as amazing as I do now!!!! 🙂




Since I started taking Plexus products a year and 4 months ago, the results that I have had have been incredible!! I wasn’t looking for a diet pill but something to make me feel better!!! Even though I lived a healthy lifestyle and worked out 5-6 days a week, I was EXHAUSTED!! My stomach hurt every single day, I had headaches and muscle discomfort!!! With our crazy busy life, I was SO tired of living like that!! After about two months of taking Plexus, I knew that years of all of 🖕 that, was FINALLY over!! To be able to eat and not be in stomach pain every single day, and be able to stay up at night without crashing at 7:00 and have no headaches bad enough to take anything for, is life-changing!!!! My moods are better, how I handle stress is much better, and I sleep like a baby every night which is something I hadn’t done in years!! And, I want that for every person I know!!! This is not a magic pill that you can take to make up for a poor diet and exercise, but if you are looking to take your health to a level you didn’t know was possible then let Plexus help.

As you can see, there’s quite a few women here that love Plexus Slim.

If you’re skeptical, please feel free to comment or send me an email. I couldn’t believe that something like this could help so many people and I’d love to address your questions. Here’s my Plexus story if you’re interested.

If you want to buy from me, great! I’d be happy to send you instructions for how to take it and work with you to get the best results!


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