A few weeks ago, Janji reached out to me to ask if I’d like to try some of their apparel. Umm, of course! Free running gear? I’ll take it.

I received these shorts right before our trip to Hawaii, so it’s taken a while to get around to writing about them.

So I’m not a huge distance runner, but I appreciate the weekly run. And I think those who love running would probably love these shorts. They have this neat venting system that I’m sure keeps you cool.


So you can see the fabric on the bum wraps around and connects on the inside. And the fabric on the front of the short wraps around and connects on the back. Pretty smart huh?

Run Janji gives 10% of the sale of each item to help fund clean water projects. Their website says that they “started a brand where you can give back beyond race day.” Makes me feel better about buying too many running shorts!

The only thing I’m a little uncomfortable about is the length. Since I mom all day long, I wear running shorts a lot since they’re comfy and cool. I think they’re great for running, but probably not for athleisure. I do love the waistband though. They’re a lot like Lululemon shorts where they are very comfortable and never create the muffin top!



Have you tried Janji shorts? What’s your favorite?


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