Let’s admit it.

Working out from home is convenient. It’s an attractive option.

We can be lazy and sometimes it’s the best possible choice we can make. However, if you workout from home exclusively (LIKE MOST OF YOU), sometimes that even loses it’s appeal.

It’s different when you regularly go to a gym. If you don’t feel like going, doing some exercises in your living room feels like a great alternative. But if you exercise in your living room all the time, there’s not much of a step down there.

Well let me tell you, for the past few months I’ve been working out from home exclusively. So now I have a few strategies that get me going when I’m lazy or just don’t feel like it.

Don’t get me wrong, we should all take rest days or skip workouts when our body needs it. But laziness is a terrible monster that can invade our hearts and minds pretty quick. So here’s how to stay motivated when you work out from home.

1. Workout as soon as you wake up

There’s a lot of reasons you might not like this option, but I do believe it’s one of the best. Yes, this can be hard especially if you have a family you don’t want to wake up with you. If this is the case, take it outside or to the garage.

If you just don’t like mornings…tough luck. I would much rather get up slowly and sip my coffee while perusing Instagram and reading the news. Working out first thing not only gets it done and over with, but it frees up the rest of your day for family and friends. Let’s admit it, no one’s filling up you 5:30 am calendar slot.

For this to work, plan your workout ahead of time so that you know what you’re doing as soon as you get up. Sleep in your workout clothes, put your shoes, socks and a glass of water next to your bed. Wake up, drink a few sips, lace up and get ‘er done.

2. One step at a time

If you’re a stay-at-home mom or you work from home (like me) there’s a lot more flexibility in getting your workouts in. When you don’t feel like it, just get ready, one step at a time. Get dressed for your workout. Then print off your workout. Then get your equipment ready. After that, there’s really no excuse not to get it done.

Put that baby in the play pen and crank it out! You’ll feel a lot better afterwards and you’ll be happy you did it.


3. Post your goal on the fridge

Having that goal in a place where you see it often reminds you to work towards it. It stares at you when you reach for ice cream, when you’re grabbing milk for the kids, or when you’re sitting at the table drinking your coffee. Put it where you can see it so it keeps you accountable.

Speaking of, have you set your goals yet?? Here’s why you should do it.

4. Talk about it

There’s a reason that I wanted to integrate forums to the Fitzala program. Community helps push you forward. It keeps you accountable. It motivates you to see other people participating. So post in the forums. Ask for help. Make friends with other members. You’ll be happy you did it.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 9.07.53 AM

5. Do what you like

Ok, so working out isn’t your favorite thing in the world. Maybe you do it to become better at a sport or because you know you need to lose weight. If you’re constantly dreading workouts, don’t force it. Go and do what you like. If running is your thing, go for a run. If it’s hiking, then get outside and climb that mountain. If it’s tennis, grab a buddy and head to the court.

By doing more of what you like, it’ll be easier to do that workout knowing that it makes you better at the activities you love.

6. Mix it up

Invite a friend over to sweat it out with you, put on a yoga video, or go for a walk. Similar to above, sometimes you just need to mix up your routine to keep you going.

7. Watch an awesome video

Humans are visual creatures. So watch something inspiring to motivate you. Here’s a few below.


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