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A drive to the gym after a long day can seem too inconvenient to be worth it. Sometimes you just don’t feel like waiting for machines or dodging small talk when you’re simply trying to break a sweat. If you enjoy working out but find yourself groaning about going to the gym a few times a week, you may be better off investing in your own personal gym. It could pay off both physically and financially in the long run–you’ll avoid perpetually spending money on a gym membership, and it’ll be plenty easy to get off the couch knowing a tough workout is just a few steps away.

If you have an extra room in your house (or even if you don’t), here are a few ways to turn an average space like a garage or guest bedroom into a home gym.

Install Rubber Flooring

rubber flooring

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The first step toward creating your perfect home gym is installing rubber flooring. Interlocking rubber tiles are cheap, durable, comfortable, and elastic. Rubber flooring also does wonders aesthetically, swiftly transforming a bedroom, den, or garage into something that feels like a true workout center. Carpet will take wear and tear from hard workouts, and any other surface is too slippery to be safe. You won’t regret installing rubber flooring, but you may regret an injury sustained from trying to cut it on another surface.

Keep it Small & Simple

If you’re used to working out in a club, you’re accustomed to having access to big machines and lots of space. You may think you need to invest thousands upon thousands of dollars in a home gym to get the same results you would otherwise. But by learning to keep your workouts simple and only supplying your gym with the essentials, you can still get into great shape.

Free weights are obviously a necessity, and don’t forget the adjustable workout bench and necessary weight racks. While you may still want to check out a treadmill or weight machine, try not to overlook the tiny tools to your success, such as jump ropes, resistance bands, and medicine balls.

Think Outside the Box

If you’re looking to save both space and money, it might be time to get creative. Features like a rock climbing training board, which hangs on the wall, might be a good addition to your personal workout center. Foam rollers, yoga balls, small punching bags, and pull-up bars can each add a unique benefit without taking up precious exercise space.

Add Whatever Motivates You


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Now that you have all the essentials, what are the finishing touches? What is it about the gym that gets you pumped up? Is it loud music? The way the television screen distracts you from your pain? Consider details like mirrors, a TV, a sound system, posters, air freshener, fans, yoga mats, and bright paint to really get you in the zone.

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