Hi all!

I’ve really started looking forward to doing some personal posts again. It’s a great way to connect with you all and I look forward to updating you on all things Fitzala & Jenni.

1. I was going to get my membership at Cal Poly Rec Center…

then I got a concussion.

Yep. It wasn’t fun. Headaches for most of this week and today it’s finally subsided. Unfortunately there’s no bada$$ story behind it.

You know how I was using the hall linen closet for my closet until we get our walk-in finished and a dresser? Welp, the top door doesn’t always like to stay shut. And I whacked the back of my head pretty good when I was done getting things out of the bottom. And immediately, the front of my head, right above my right eyebrow a sharp aching started.

This happened Sunday night, so Monday was spent in bed with ibuprofen and water. We tried a trip to Home Depot in the evening, but walking around wasn’t really in the cards. Tuesday was spent half in bed with ibuprofen. Wednesday I was able to get out of the house on just ibuprofen and Thursday I was ibuprofen-free and almost back to normal.

So we’ll try again next week…

On another note, I’ve been eating well and you can finally see my baby-bump delts. Must be all that painting…


2. Cabinets are in, living room painted, and countertops are started.

We had a lot of wonderful help from our family last weekend getting the cabinets installed. First, everything had to be ripped out. Then Saturday started with ceiling paint and installing almost everything. Our handyman (who’s living next door) anchored the base for the island in to the concrete on Sunday. That island will be solid as a rock.

My mother-in-law was relentless in her pursuit to help us get our house painted last weekend. She’s awesome at cutting in where the ceiling and walls meet and led the painting charge after we finished the ceilings while I helped with the cabinets.

Geoff and I built a plywood countertop base Wednesday night. Unfortunately, our beautiful sink is a tad too deep/wide for the cabinet frame. It’s 22 inches front to back and our cabinets are 24. We’d have to notch more out than we feel comfortable, so I ordered a new one (thanks Amazon Prime!).

Hopefully next Friday we’ll have the sink installed! Then I can stop washing vegetables in our bathroom sink.

3. Outdoor grills are my saving grace.

When you don’t have a kitchen sink and no cooking space, our little outdoor grill that we’re borrowing has become a lifesaver. I slice up zucchinis and bell peppers every night to throw on there along with chicken sausage, burgers, marinated chicken, tri-tip or whatever meat-on-sale we can find. Grilled bread is also amazing after a long day painting and hanging cabinets.

4. I’m going nuts

I hope I don’t convey that I’m totally ok with camping in my house. It’s a huge lesson in patience and I really look forward to completing our project. I enjoy working on the house, but it’s really hard for me to live in it. I can’t even walk around barefoot! Who knows where a nail might be hiding.

I usually leave for a few hours to work from a coffee shop because it’s hard for me concentrate amid the mess.

We just got lights in our kitchen and living room today! It feels so nice to flip a switch than stumble our way to the nearest Goodwill lamp. Seriously, don’t underestimate how amazing it is to have a room look like daylight, at night.

5. I’m finally taking my advice

And Geoff and I are joining our friends co-ed softball team. It’s a pretty laid-back thing and I’m pretty terrible at softball. But how fun will it be to do something active with friends?

6. I’m putting a survey up on Fitzala. Can you please take it?

We’re trying to gauge if our product is something people really want and any feedback you have would be more than amazing. An Amazon gift card is up for grabs too! I’ll post an update on Twitter when it’s live!

7. Summer’s almost over.

Here’s what we were enjoying Sunday before my little incident. Enjoy!



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