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This weekend we met up with Geoff’s friends from college for a reunion of sorts. We rented in a house in Morro Bay for 9 people and surfed, BBQ’d, hung around SLO, played Bocce Ball and other random games. It was really an amazing weekend filled with fun and fellowship.

The home we rented was gorgeous, you could see the beach from the front windows.


It had a great kitchen for gathering around while cooking meals. We had to keep up their tradition of Saturday morning pancakes. Anyone else love horse shaped pancakes?


We also had our own personal chiropractor

And played a hardcore game of bocce. Geoff and I are reigning champions until next year.

Since we organized the function, I did the Costco shopping and picked up salad, a veggie tray and pineapple in addition to other items for planned meals. To stay healthy, I asked Geoff to make a few turkey patties when we BBQ’d burgers on Friday. It wasn’t all in vain because a few other people chose turkey instead of those 300 calorie sirloin patties that Costco sells.

Saturday morning, Geoff whipped up some egg whites for me before he cooked normal scrambled eggs to add to our pancake breakfast. I ended up having a Quest bar too because I was still hungry. When we went out for lunch to our favorite BBQ joint, I had a salad with chicken and snagged a few sweet potato fries. For dinner, Geoff cooked up a wonderful tri-tip and I stayed away from the lovely roasted red potatoes (so good, but so much oil to make them crispy!).

I also had one too many slices of TJ pumpkin bread. I legitimized it by reasoning that I didn’t have any carbs for dinner and counting calories for the day. I didn’t need it, but enjoyed the indulgence

We served Trader Joe bagels on Sunday, and I had 1/4 of a sprouted bagel and a turkey sausage. TJ’s has pumpkin bagels now and they look so good, especially with cream cheese, but I already felt a little fluffy from wine on Saturday night and beer on Friday.

So that’s how I chose healthy options over the weekend. It wasn’t too difficult during the group function and I made sure to have some Quest bars on hand in case I was still hungry. Even though I ate pretty healthfully

Tell me about your weekend. What healthy choices did you make?

What did you indulge in?


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