Hello lovely ladies! Are you ready to find #whatslovely in your life? We have something special planned for you!

For an entire week, we’ll be challenging you to take a hard look at your life and appreciate all of the lovely things that make you, YOU! #whatslovely is more than loving the way you look in your favorite outfit. Our campaign is about starting the conversation of self-love with women. With Valentine’s Day approaching, we want women to focus more on the love aspect of the holiday. We want to encourage women to love their life…their entire life. Throughout the campaign we’ll be asking you to think about the lovely things about yourself, about your mental and physical strength, about your relationships with your friends and family and much more!

Here’s your week overview!


Monday – Day 1 – YOU

We challenge you to focus on what you love about you! Do you love how you look in a certain outfit? How you do your makeup? How you rock a makeup-less face? How your hair looks? Let us know! Share a photo that highlights #whatslovely about you and don’t forget the hashtag! We’re about to take over social media with all of this self-love!

Tuesday – Day 2 – FRIENDSHIP

Calling all friends! We challenge you on Day 2 to reach out to a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Whether it be an hour phone call or shooting them a text to meet up for coffee later, share the love! Nothing feels better than having a friend by your side to help you through life!

Wednesday – Day 3 – WORKING OUT

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you! Get out of your comfort zone for this challenge and mix up your workout routine! If you’re an avid runner, try something new like Crossfit or yoga! If you’re a yogi, mix in some weight lifting or a spin class today! We realize all of our potential when we break free of our comfort zones! Don’t forget to let us know how it went and maybe share a photo of your workout!

Thursday – Day 4 – FOOD

You can’t be super woman without the right fuel! We challenge you to share your favorite healthy recipe! Take part in a huge recipe round-up and snag some ideas to add to your healthy eating repertoire. Do you have a killer protein pancake recipe? A scrumptious banana bread recipe? We want in on it! Share your recipe and mouthwatering photos and don’t forget to hashtag #whatslovely!

Friday – Day 5 – STRENGTH

Because as Brittany Spears’ said…we’re “stronger than yesterday.” Share a story or quote on social media that touches on your personal strength. Do your strong legs bike you to work every day? Does your mental strength keep you focused? Tells us #whatslovely about your strength!

Saturday – Day 6 – LOVE

It’s Valentine’s Day! But today isn’t only for couples! Today is for appreciating the love in our lives. We challenge you to spend some quality time with the people you love and care about today. Spend V-Day with your best friends, your family, your significant other…the list goes on! Quality time means being present so put those phones down ladies…unless your hashtagging #whatslovely to check-in on our last day!


So now that you know what to expect, are you raring to go? We hope so! We cannot wait to see all of your positive and lovely posts and pictures this week. #whatslovely is about encouraging women to love their life, one day at a time…and we hope you join our team! We want to empower all of you ladies to practice more self-love this year! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive our challenges and keep up to date on #whatslovely.

And as an FYI – I couldn’t have put together this campaign without the help of my interns, Angie and Amber. They’ve been totally on top of helping me out, from designing the infographic to structuring social media and writing blog posts. #whatslovely has happened because of them and their help.


Angie is a Business-Marketing student at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California and a fitness enthusiast. Apart from teaching Zumba, Angie loves weight lifting and hiking the beautiful trails around SLO and her home-state of Utah.




Amber is an aspiring graphic designer and amateur baker. She loves stand-up comedy, coffee in the morning, riding her bicycle and all things cookie dough. A native of Connecticut, Amber is in love with her new home here in San Luis Obispo, California and taking advantage of all the beauty it has to offer.





Don’t forget to check back on Monday to see the infographic and participate in our first #whatslovely challenge!


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