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This is a photo heavy post. I apologize in advance. #sorrynotsorry

Our What I Ate Wednesday started out with a chest and triceps workout. Since we’re always on the go, I wasn’t completely prepared when we arrived at the gym bright and early. So I winged it. Three chest exercises, two triceps and balance training.

Did you know that poor balance is often associated with injury risk? When your body has muscle weaknesses and imbalances, synergistic muscles often compensate and all is well until the flawed movement leads to abnormal joint stress and injury. In fact, balance is key to force production and decreases ankle and lower body injuries.

Ok, onwards.


Chest & Triceps Workout

  • Dumbbell Chest Press
  • Standing Cable Fly
  • Iso-Chest Press
  • Skull Crushers
  • Tricep Pushdown
  • One leg balance on Bosu Ball 3 sets, 30 seconds each


Breakfast was egg white oatmeal with a container of lite Pomegranate Greek Yogurt, courtesy of Kroger, and topped with almond butter. Because it makes everything taste better.

Lunch was a salad, topped with lean ground pork cooked with sliced zucchini. I’ve got four more servings for the week, so don’t be surprised when it shows up again!


Accompanied by my favorite zBar and an almost empty almond butter jar. I really need to find another source of fat that I really like. Any suggestions?

We decided to go mountain biking, and I was getting hungry. So the afternoon snack consisted of the rest of a container of nonfat cottage cheese mixed cocoa powder, topped with banana and dark chocolate chips. I would have used almond butter as well, but I decided that I needed quick energy, not slow digestion.

Dinner was a new recipe…

Taco Pizza. I deviated a lot from the original recipe and it ended up pretty good with less carbs. Although I probably could have used them after our 8 mile 1.5 hour mountain bike ride.

So mountain biking…It’s a lot of fun, scary at times, but exhilarating. It requires a lot of concentration and coordination to avoid rocks, shift weight, really just navigate the path.


My husband took me on Shooters again, it was a lot more fun this time and I really had a lot more confidence. The climb up the grade was a great cardio workout and the rocky downhill killed my legs. You stand pretty much the whole time and I had to take two breaks so that I wouldn’t cramp up! Once you finish the rocky parts and steep downhill, you wind your way through cattle grazing lands, a few rutted trails, then finally a fire road that ends at Cal Poly.


It’s beautiful country back there. Rolling hills and the occasional bunches of sprawling oak trees. The sun started going down towards the end of our ride and made for some pretty scenery on our occasional water breaks.


Which brings me to the last pic of the night. Dessert.

Chocolate Casein Protein Powder mixed with almond milk, a few chocolate chips and Natural Skippy Peanut Butter. And bed.


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