Sometimes you just don’t have time for a long and well thought out workout. Sometimes you just gotta get sh*t done and get on with your life. It happens and it’s ok.

So here’s a quick workout that’ll get you out of breath while burning up your muscles. All you need is a timer and a weight or two.

Let’s get after it!

Full Body Strength & Cardio Workout


  • Set a timer for 6 minutes.
  • Perform the exercises for as many rounds as possible in that 6 minutes.
  • Perform each set twice.

Set 1 – Lower Body

24 lunges each leg (12 each leg)

20 jump squats

20 single leg deadlift (10 each side)

20 single leg bridges (10 each side)


Set 2 – Upper Body

12 pushups

10 half burpees

15 supermans

20 single leg overhead press (10 each side)




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