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No pain, no gain

No excuses

Pain is weakness leaving the body

Do these do anything for you? Do any of these extreme one-liners motivate you at all? How many of us are competitive athletes whose performance will suffer if they miss one workout or don’t give it their all?

They do nothing for me. And I’d venture a guess that they don’t help you much either.

I’m not a runner. I’m not a triathlete. I’m not a bodybuilder.

I’m just a woman who wants to be as fit as she can for family, for her health and for herself.

Most of us workout just for these reasons. Because we want to look good (pssst there’s nothing wrong with that). Because we want to be able to do active things. Because we want to be around for our family.

So for those of us where fitness isn’t priority one (hello family, income, friendships), what mantra’s can we use? What motivates us to try to fit in exercise where we can or eat healthy when we don’t feel like cooking?

I really don’t think we don’t need one. If we intrinsically want to be fit and enjoy feeling that way, we don’t need some one-liner that really means nothing.

What can equate to the gift that fitness can give you? What can you really say for the woman that’s lost over 100 pounds? There’s no one-line exercise mantra that can summarize the value of the life given back to her. There aren’t words for the joy that running, jumping and playing with your kids gives you when you previously couldn’t do that.

What about the woman who works out so she doesn’t have deal with back pain on a daily basis? She works out so that she’s not in constant pain anymore. What words can really summarize the value of that gift?

What about the gift of self-confidence when you used to hide? When those insecurities in the back of your mind chimed in telling you to put a jacket over your legs when you’re sitting in shorts or to cross your arms to hide your belly? There aren’t words for that.

I encourage you to think about why you workout and eat healthy. It’s likely that your intrinsic reasons don’t need a mantra to get you to the gym.


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