Hello you lovely ladies!

The #whatslovely campaign has truly been a wonderful experience. I never expected so many wonderful people to join in and participate, much less have the infographic be featured on the Huffington Post!

But I can’t take all the credit for myself. My interns, Amber and Angie, did a wonderful job working hard on things they’ve NEVER done before with little direction. Both of them jumped in and produced deliverables that were better than I asked for. And my guest posters provided incredible content that seemed to resonate with a lot of you.

I hope you’ve all been encouraged and uplifted this week. Valentine’s Day can bring about lot’s of nasty feelings that simply aren’t true. Disappointment, falling short, feeling unloved, unwanted… the list goes on. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, this holiday isn’t kind to everyone. The goal was to remind you of everything that was good, wonderful, and lovely about your life.

And of course, it doesn’t have to stop here. Feel free to use the #whatslovely hashtag and reflect on what’s lovely about your life. Please feel free to email me with your stories or feedback about this campaign. I’m all ears to what you have to say!

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Here’s a summary of what we covered:

#whatslovely YOUSusie from Suzlyfe

#whatslovely FRIENDSHIPPaige from Healthy Hits the Spot

#whatslovely EXERCISEJenna from Little Green Running Shoes

#whatslovely FOODLindsay from The Lean Green Bean

#whatslovely STRENGTHAshley from Coffee Cake and Cardio and Angelena from Happy, Healthy, Balanced

#whatslovely LOVE

If you haven’t taken a look at these ladies posts or blogs, please do so now! They all have so much wisdom and just amazing stories to share.

And as I promised, I’m highlighting a few people that participated.

Lynda from Fitnessmomwinecountry shared 4 of her favorite recipes and participated almost every day of #whatslovely. See her awesome posts celebrating friendships, chatting about working out, and recognizing why she’s awesome.

Ange from Cowgirl Runs, shared the infographic and talked about how her friends give her confidence.

Meg from Meg-in-Training, shared why she’s going to expand and take a deeper look at what she loves about herself . Meg also discussed how her friendships have changed over the years.

Jenna Braddock shared her favorite recipe, Hidden Honey Bars

Jill from Jilly Runs made sure Susie knew how awesome her post was.


Aren’t these all awesome? If you’ve shared something and I didn’t feature it here, please reach out and I’ll gladly add it! All of these I found searching the #whatslovely hashtag and I encourage you to keep using it in the weeks to come!

In true #whatslovely fashion, I spent some quality time with my loved one by taking a short walk through Irish Hills near our home. It’s the first day in forever that we didn’t have an agenda or any place to be. And we celebrated the night at home with steak and red velvet cheesecake.


#ineedashower #heneedsahaircut


How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?


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