#whatslovely LOVE

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you lovely ladies! You’ve reached the final day of #whatslovely and we hope you’ve had an amazing week thinking about all of the lovely things in your life. For today’s challenge, we want you to spend some quality time with someone you love. This can be your significant other, best friend, family…anyone who you care about! We want to encourage all types of love on Valentine’s and not just love specific to couples. So grab that special someone and go get coffee, catch a movie, go hiking, or go out to lunch!

Whatever you do, remember to make it quality time. Don’t get distracted by the small problems in your life or your cell phone. Quality time is where that person has your undivided attention. Nowadays, it seems like we are always glued to our phones. We’re either constantly checking social media and emails or waiting for a notification. Let today be the day to step back from it all. Be present with that lovely person in your life and enjoy the moment.

How to make today lovely…

  • Go for a hike!
  • Have a do-it-yourself spa day!
  • Spend all day at a coffee shop catching up with a friend!
  • Go try a new fitness class with a family member!
  • Try a new lunch spot!
  • Gather up your closest gal pals for a chick-flick marathon!
  • Cook a new dinner recipe with your significant other!
  • Go wine-tasting!

Now go find #whatslovely about your loved ones! Share your experiences with us on social media and enjoy your day! Check back in on Monday to see highlights from the week and future #whatslovely details!

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