Need to find something for that friend of yours that loves to workout?

Look no further!

I’ve put together a long list of useful fitness gifts for men and women that you can find on Amazon. Most of them even have Prime shipping! (Which is necessary considering how expensive shipping can be for some of these heavy items).

These gifts are affordable and versatile. When researching, I really didn’t expect that this workout equipment would be this cheap!

Forewarning: While this list may not look “girly,” there’s plenty of fitness gifts for women in here, especially with the advent of the female strength training movement.


We all want to get our friends and family something useful. For me, that’s the one thing that’s REALLY important. No one wants to spend money on a gift that’ll be tossed in the back of the closet.

If your friend is a self proclaimed fitness buff or have voiced their fitness goals for the new year, this list contains a lot of ideas that you can put to use. Also, these things are too big to put in the back of your closet.


Fitness Gifts for Men and Women on Amazon

It’s a sturdy squat rack made by the dependable CAP Barbell! I was so surprised to see that it’s only $163! Now you’ll never skip leg day with your own home workout equipment. I really like this rack because you can also use it to do pull-ups or TRX.

If you have a squat rack, then you obviously need a barbell to go with it. Again, another dependable piece of equipment from CAP. This is an olympic, full sized version that can handle more weight than you’ll ever use. Beginners can check out a less expensive version below.

And yes, if you’re serious about lifting, CrossFit, or getting fit, you need weights to put on that bar. Craigslist is a great place to look for complete weight sets, or you can buy them one at a time on Amazon. Make sure that you get weights with bumper plates (they’ve got rubber around the outside) so that you don’t have any issues dropping them. Don’t forget a lockjaw so that the weights STAY ON THE BARBELL

This complete weight set comes with dumbbell weights too. It includes weights for 105 pounds, which makes it perfect for the home exerciser that’s just starting out. Men will probably want to get something bigger since they’d outgrow this very quickly.

I really like this vinyl kettlebell. It’s on my Christmas list this year (seriously). It’s very affordable and versatile. Use it for goblet squats, kettlebell swings, overhead presses, russian twists… need I go on?

No guarantee you’ll beat her record (also you’d have to get 3 balls). Medicine balls are super versatile and perfect for working out at home.

If you want a medicine ball for slams and throwing against a wall, I recommend the big soft version. They’re more expensive than the ones above, but safer for those activities.

Barbell not your style? Don’t worry, here’s an adjustable set of dumbbells. Sets like this can fetch easily over $200 on Amazon, but who wants 40 pound dumbbells? This set is affordable and perfect for women. PS- if you’re not staring at your bicep while you’re doing curls, you’re doing it wrong. (jk, I kid)


If a squat rack is a little out of your price range, don’t worry. There’s other things you can use to practice your pull-ups. This doorway pull up bar for example. Pull-ups build a nice back and work you in ways that’s hard to get at home. Small investment for significant strength!

I’ve never seen this type of plyo box before. Does everyone else have the red and black steel ones at their gym? I love that you can adjust this to different levels. Instead of investing in one box that you might have to eventually upgrade as you progress, you can just change the level! This is also perfect for someone who has to share it with their significant other. Even though my husband isn’t that in to fitness, he can still jump much higher than me.

Need a way to time your workouts? I like this timer from Everlast. It’s like a GymBoss, but cheaper, and you can strap it to yourself so that you can watch the seconds count down while you’re holding that plank. Here’s a few workouts that need a timer:

28 Minute Quick & Dirty Workout

5 10 Minute Workouts for When You Don’t Have Time

Another fitness tool that I don’t have, but have seen used a ton is the Equalizer. Not sure why they named it that, but some people (specifically Chalene Johnson) love them. It’s targeted towards women, but I’m sure men can get good use out of it.

The last fitness gift I’ve rounded up today is the (cue deep manly voice) ULTIMATE SANDBAG. Seriously though, it’s a great tool if you can’t afford a complete weight set. It’s versatile, adjustable, and easy to use. Fill up those extra little bags with sand and start throwing that thing around! If it’s too heavy, empty out half the sand. When you get stronger, get a few more sandbags.

Lastly, you NEED this fit desk! How awesome is this?! You get to sit on your butt AND work at the same time. (I’m kidding) Seriously, how much work would you get done with this thing? It’d be the perfect fitness gag gift if it weren’t $300.

Side Note: cycling in heels looks very uncomfortable.


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