How to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

How to Stay Healthy While Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. Let’s just take a second to say; “YOU’RE GROWING A LITTLE MIRACLE INSIDE OF YOU!” Whew! Ok, got that out of the way. But seriously, pregnant women deal with all sorts of aches, pains, sickness, and lifestyle changes all for the sake of a tiny little baby that doesn’t let them sleep or shower for weeks. Staying healthy during pregnancy, on top of all that, is even harder

The hard thing with pregnancy, is that not all pregnancies are the same. Some women are on bed-rest and some workout hardcore until they’re in labor.

It’s awesome that so many women are taking the necessary steps to stay fit while they’re preggers, but since everyone requires something different, I thought it might be beneficial to look at what a few women did who’ve been there.

See the tips to stay healthy while you’re pregnant from these amazing women below.

Caroline - How to Stay Healthy While Pregnant


I was pregnant all summer, so I stayed healthy by drinking a TON of water.  I also did a lot of swimming which was great cardio while beating the heat!


Janel - pregnancy health tips


I stay healthy during pregnancy by swimming. It’s exercise that is fun, active, and everyone can do. Best of all, the weight of the baby isn’t a strain while swimming.

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Danielle - healthy during pregnancy tips


Staying healthy was an important part of both of my pregnancies so I focused on the basics. Eating 6 small meals a day – making every calorie count – and walking or exercising just 30-60 minutes a day were simple changes that made me feel good about my body and the health of my baby.

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Meg - how to stay healthy while pregnant


To stay healthy during my pregnancy, I continued to go do 2-3 crossfit workouts a week. It was a great way to stay in shape, relieve stress and it helped me sleep better!

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Holly Healthy Pregnancy Tips


My tip for staying healthy during my pregnancy is to stay active by partaking in various forms of prenatal approved workouts like yoga, light weight training and low impact cardio (doctor approved, of course). These workouts not only keep me physically able to keep up with the demanding task of carrying twins, but it also helps with my mental well-being and keeps my stress level at a minimum.

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Amy - How to stay healthy pregnant


Because I was unable to run and exercise during pregnancy, I focused on other aspects to stay healthy. I rested and got as much sleep as possible along with deep breathing exercises to control stress.

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Rachel - Tips to stay healthy during pregnancy


During my three pregnancies, I stayed active by going on daily walks. I made it a part of our daily routine. A habit. The walks varied in intensity and duration with each pregnancy, child, and how far along I was. I would push my older children in the jogger or wear them in a carrier. I made it a point to move atleast 30 minutes each day. No matter how slow. I just moved.

Running Rachel


During my pregnancy, I ate an incredibly healthy balanced diet which included juicing fresh veggies and making homemade fruit and veggie smoothies. I maintained a very active lifestyle by taking barre classes, going for walks and hikes and indoor cycling 4-6 days a week right up until the day I went into labor. Eating right and exercising was by far my best medicine!

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Danielle - How to stay healthy while pregnant


I got plenty of rest during my pregnancy and made a point to pamper myself every month or so by getting a pregnancy massage. Rest and relaxation I think are key to staying healthy your body is doing a lot of work during pregnancy.

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Helly - Pregnancy Fitness Tips


One of the ways I made healthy choices in my pregnancies was by making sure I did some form of exercise everyday. At the start, I continued running; when it became difficult, I began walking; and, on days I didn’t feel like doing anything too physical, I did some stretches to relax.

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Lauren Fitness Tips Pregnancy


I ended up gaining more than what the books will tell you to despite my efforts to remain active and make healthy food choices and that’s okay! Don’t define yourself by those numbers…sometimes it’s just what your body needs to do in order to prepare for baby. After she was born I bounced back very quickly (despite having a c-section!) and I credit that quick recovery to staying on top of my fitness when I was pregnant.

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Kim - How to stay healthy through pregnancy


Keep moving! When you can, however you can, for as long as you can (even if that’s 5 minutes!). Energy begets energy, and every little bit counts!

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Erika - How to stay fit through pregnancy


Do the best you can every day and accept that some days that may mean a 3 mile run, others it may just mean getting up and dressed.

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