Health Tips for Women

Everyone wants to be healthy, but getting there isn’t the easiest or direct route. And as I’ve mentioned before, we’re all different. We all struggle with staying healthy in different areas of our life whether it be stress, motivation to workout, nutrition or sleep.

So how do the web’s awesomest bloggers stay healthy? I asked them! Read on to find out the best health tip for women they’ve ever received.

Health Tips for Women from Women

Amanda - Health Tips for Women


Instead of focusing on what not to eat, focus on what TO eat – aiming for the gold standard of 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies daily has changed my whole outlook on food.


Monica - Womens Health Tips


The best women’s health tip I heard was from Dean Karnazes who said, “Listen to everyone, follow no one.” I LOVE that advice. He is saying that was can take tips and learn from everyone, but find out your own way. Ultimately, you can get information from others but do what works for you.


Taylor - Health Tips for Women


The health tip that has been the most helpful to me is simple, “listen to your body.” If I’m really tired on a day that I was planning to workout, I skip the gym and feel so much better. I listen to when my body is hungry and when it’s full, and have maintained a healthy weight. If I’m tired, but I have things to do, even just a little nap helps. I know it’s simple, but your body truly knows what you need- you just need to trust it!


Anne - Best Womens Health Tip


The health tip that has been most helpful to me is to make sure to spend at least a few minutes every day enjoying nature. I usually fit this in in the form of a morning run or an after walking break, or sometimes both, and find that it really helps to center and calm me to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. The exercise doesn’t hurt, either. 


Suzanne - Health Tips for Women


I live by the concept of including clean eating, workouts, and recovery as part of my daily life, not as an “add-on” that I have to make time for. When you perceive your workouts and healthy eating as non-negotiable parts of your day, they become assets when you’re stressed and time crunched instead of being the first to go. Let exercise and clean eating fuel you through busy, stressful times and you’ll begin to see the results you’ve always wanted.


Cori - Womens Health Tip


The best health tip that continues to prove true in my life is, “your only competition is with yourself“. I think as a society we get so caught up in what everyone else’s doing that we forget to applaud ourselves for the many successes we’ve had- big or small. In order to see continuous success we need to focus on what we’re doing well and what realistic goals we can set for ourselves to obtain. It’s all about how we can better ourselves.


Taylor Ryan - Best Health Tip for Women


After years of pushing far too hard and going by the no pain, no gain mantra, I was a mess. Bad back, shin splits, and stress fractures. That’s when someone told me that exercise is suppose to make your life better, if it isn’t then you’re doing something wrong. I’ve looked at the way I train myself and my clients much differently after that. Now it’s less about trying to be a beast and more about being the best version of myself.


Paige - Womens Fitness Tip


The most helpful health tip I have is to always bring yourself to a calm place before making decisions. We often make our most self-sabotaging decisions when we’re feeling rushed, charged, or anxious. Calm down. Recognize that you’re okay no matter what you decide, and make the decision that will leave you feeling the best. You can use this tip with eating, exercise, and all other areas of life.


Alysia - Best Womens Fitness Tips


Getting into a routine is crucial for healthy living – at least for me. Routines like a dedicated time during the day to workout, preparing food every week, and packing food with you! I know that if I don’t follow routines like these, I am more likely to stray from my healthy habits. Of course, we all have time when our normal routine has to be disrupted. But once you’ve been used to it, it will be easier for you to adapt and seek healthier habits instead of straying from them.


Courtney - Fitness Tips for Women


I’d have to say that the one thing that has really stuck with me is “everything in moderation…including moderation” I’m somebody who likes to indulge every now and then, and I don’t ever want to feel guilty about that. I think it’s really about looking at the big picture.


Deborah - Health Tips for Women


One of the best pieces of advice I’ve rec’d is to remember to “Run your own race”. Sounds simple but it’s so easy to get caught up in the race day atmosphere and go out way too fast then blow it at the end. I’ve also made the mistake on race thinking, “I feel good today I think I will run at X pace even though that’s not the pace I trained at”. Respect the training and stick to your plan.



The best health tip I ever received and continue to use to this day is to plan and prep! With 15-20 min of planning each week, and a couple hours of prep work in the kitchen, I set myself up for success. I will set a workout plan and also a meal plan. Then I buy what I need, prep/cook meat, chop veggies, hard boil eggs, make snack packs & smoothie ingredients. It is all about having a plan! I try to live by one of my favorite quotes, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Laurens Health Tip


Eat more food and lift heavier weights. You are not going to get the toned physique that you are wanting by starving yourself – you have to build some muscle and get stronger!


Cassandra - womens health tip


Be Consistent! One of my current coaches emphasizes make changes one at a time and giving yourself some time to develop consistency at that habit before adding a new habit. This approach to life (fitness routines, nutrition, and sleep so far) has been eye-opening for me especially since my past approach has been all or nothing. I’m learning that making changes one at a time allows those habits to become ingrained in my brain as part of my daily life……which in the end makes them normal and effortless.


Daleian - best health tips for women


When I was in High School I used to wake up, feel nauseated by the smell of food and end up leaving home with just a glass of milk in my stomach. The result? I was starving by the time the first class was over and the junk food machine seemed like the perfect choice!
I weighed more during that time than when I was on vacation (and didn’t exercise in either situation) because by then I was relaxed and had time for food in the morning.
I started to notice that whenever I would eat a regular breakfast I would be more alert, I wouldn’t make poor food decisions and I wouldn’t feel tired and starving by lunch time.
When I started exercising, breakfast was my best friend because it would fuel my body and I would end up being more productive in every situation!


Amandas best health tip


The most helpful health tip that I’ve received has been to listen to my body. If you feel hungry, eat, even if you feel like you’ve had enough. If you’re hurting during a workout, slow down, do less reps, whatever helps. You’re trying to get your body to the best place it can be, and it knows on it’s own when that is reached. Don’t ignore the signs it’s giving you!


lori - health tip for other women


The most helpful health tip for me has been to not compete with anyone, unless it is myself. I am new to running and if I were to compete and compare myself to others I would have quit a long time ago. I do things at my own pace and improve myself based on me – not based on how others are doing.


Krysty - Womens health tips


The best health tip I ever received was to count my macros. I had no clue what they were before my friend explained them to me and I’m so glad that she did! Dieting and weight management has become so much easier now that I eat the correct ratios of carbohydrates, protein and fats.